Joseph McCorvey


Executive Director of the Pine Bluff Convention Center

With 20 years of destination marketing, sales, convention business bureaus, convention centers and hotel experience, McCorvey came to Pine Bluff from Akron, Ohio, where he attended the University of Akron. He became involved with the Convention Business Bureau while in Akron and was chosen to become the sales executive. He stayed in this position for seven years and was challenged with bringing new conferences to the city without having a convention center. He utilized an available meeting space and was able to accomplish the mission.for businesses in Memphis, Atlanta, Indiana, Baltimore, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Sales Team


In order to efficiently execute a variety of your communication needs, we can help you with the coordination of marketing your event. We can swiftly and inexpensively assist you with media contact, signage and other event support.

Technical Team


Our advanced technical team is trained in lighting and sound. They can readily supply power and telephones to any part of the building.

Operations Crew


This team is responsible for the actual setup. You can be sure that this energetic crew will work with you to arrange your meeting or event to your complete satisfaction — just the way you visualized it. They are also experts at bringing ideas and solutions to the plan. Complete booth set-up services are available, including a variety of drapery color choices, individual booth carpeting, complete electrical service,